Sunset Urban Hike

Our Sunset Urban Hike takes you to the best vantage points of Sarajevo – on the way through the exciting neighborhoods of the city you will learn about the turbulent history and life today! And end with the best sunset view over the city.

  • Duration

    • Duration: 4-5 hours
    • Distance: about 5 kilometers
  • Locations

    Three of Sarajevo’s most famous vantage points with the very best view over the city


We begin our tour with a relaxed cappuccino at the Ministry of Ćejf, our meeting point. From there, we set off – deep into Sarajevo’s Mahalas, these typical neighborhoods with residential buildings that cling to the surrounding mountains and tell exciting stories of multiculturalism, diversity, and solidarity! Many things have changed there since the Ottoman ruled – and many things have remained the same.

Our hike through the city is a journey through Sarajevo’s history with stories of rulers and progress, war and hope for the future. We hike from the Zuta Tabija, the yellow fortress, up to the Bijela Tabija, which towers over the city, passing by the run-down Jajce barracks.

We finish our hike at Crvena Tabija at sunset, where we rest our tired feet with a drink and typical Bosnian mezze before making the final small descent together into the lively city center, where you can return to your accommodation or have a nightcap in one of the numerous bars.