.Cheyf – that is an attitude to life!

The first coffee at sunrise, standing on the summit and looking down into the valley, the clinking of glasses, an ice-cold white wine, and that is above all: a very personal and individual moment…
We are a small boutique travel agency that aims to create many of these small, beautiful moments on our trips. We believe that traveling mindfully, sustainably, and immersing yourself in the culture gives you a more captivating experience than simply checking off a list.

It’s time to define travel differently: With more focus on enjoying local fresh food, on the local community we work with, and on the beautiful, cultural differences that write the stories you tell your friends when you get home.

Our goal is that at the end of your trip, you’ll get off the plane back home and think, ‘Hey, that was an extraordinary experience!’

Because that’s Cheyf – a way of life and personal experiences that resonate and inspire in everyday life.

Why should you book with us?


    We support locally owned and operated lodging, tour operators, producers, and businesses. Tourism can help create new jobs, and we want to leave a positive legacy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tourism should benefit a country’s population! You will benefit from up-close and authentic experiences with traditional cuisine, traditions, and hospitality!

  • tailor-made

    Since the pandemic, we have travelled differently; times have changed, and all-inclusive hotels and group tours are on fewer and fewer wish lists. That is why we tailor your vacation to your preferences: in small groups, on a private tour or guided tour, and as active or relaxing as you desire.

    We know Bosnia and Herzegovina like the back of our hands because we live here and have travelled through the country from north to south, mountain peak to coast, and east to west, exploring the most beautiful places, accommodations, and restaurants.

  • sustainable

    We support non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that work to protect the environment and preserve rivers, forests, and endemic species in Bosnia and Herzegovina, because the country’s unique nature is its most valuable asset. Some we support with with media attention, some through donations and some by integrating their products or tours into our offer.

  • mindful

    Bosnia and Herzegovina has so much more to offer than just its recent history of war. Of course, it is included in our tours, but our main focus is on Bosnian hospitality, cuisine, culture, history, and how people live today. There is always time for a coffee break or to ask questions on our tours. This results in a slowed-down holiday experience. You immerse yourself in the culture, have the impression that you are truly getting to know Bosnia and Herzegovina, and (a big plus!) you return home relaxed!