Welcome to Central Bosnia

The heartland of the Bosnian kingdom brimming with history and beautiful forested landscapes

About Central Bosnia

Whatever event comes to mind: The crowning of the Bosnian kings, the fall of the Bosnian kingdom and rise of the Ottomans, the founding of Yugoslavia – it happened here, in the centre of the heart shaped Bosnia and Herzegovina. Central Bosnia also offers beautiful sights and cities for visitors, such as Visoko, Travnik, Jajce, Zenica or hiking and biking on moutains such as Vlašić and around the Pliva lakes.

Six reasons to visit Central Bosnia

  • Travel through time

    Immerse yourself in the past by exploring Travnik, Jajce, or Fojnica with their ottoman and medieval heritage, castles, monasteries and mosques.

  • Embrace untouched nature:

    Hike through lush forests, paddle down emerald rivers, and marvel at cascading waterfalls. Central Bosnia is an adventurer’s haven.

  • Treat your taste buds:

    Central Bosnia’s cuisine is hearty with thick soups, meaty stews and juicy grilled meats – the perfect blend of old Bosnian and Ottoman flavours and tastes.

  • No better place to learn about Bosnia’s past:

    Delve into history through museums, ancient sites, and stories shared by locals. Central Bosnia has witnessed centuries of fascinating events, from the crowning of Bosnian kings in Visoko to the founding of Yugoslavia in Jajce.

  • Dive deeper into Bosnian culture:

    Central Bosnia offers an authentic and uncrowded experience, although tourism is slowly picking up. If you are looking for a destination outside the typical tourist spots in the country, this is the place.

  • Enjoy Bosnian hospitality:

    Bosnians are always eager to connect. Grab a coffee, share a conversation, and experience the genuine spirit of Bosnian culture.


Visit waterfalls in the middle of medieval cities, hike along beautiful lakes and learn about Bosnia and Herzegovina’s different emperors and religions

FAQs – Frequently asked questions about Central Bosnia

Witness the mighty Jajce Waterfall cascading into a turquoise pool and explore the charming old mill beside it. More active? Climb the ramparts of the imposing Jajce Fortress for panoramic views and a historical immersion. Or you can venture out a bit further and admire the traditional wooden watermills dotting the Pliva River in Mlinčići, capturing the region’s beauty and past.

Yes, Autocamp Plivsko Jezero offers tent pitches, campervan hookups, and bungalows near the stunning Plivsko Lakes. Enjoy easy access to waterfalls and boat rentals.

You can take the bus to get to Jajce from Sarajevo (around 3 hours) or take a rental car and also make some stops along the way, e.g. in Travnik.

Lose yourself in the historic atmosphere of the narrow cobbled streets, lined with Ottoman houses and mosques, or hike up to the Travnik Fortress for hilly panoramas and historical insights. A must-visit: The ornamented mosque, said to be the most beautiful mosque in the country!

Summers are warm and sunny, averaging around 25°C. Winters are colder, with occasional snow in the mountains, such as Vlašić where you can also ski. Check the forecast before your trip to pack accordingly.

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