Banja Luka & Krajina

Rolling hills, emerald green rivers, gushing waterfalls – Krajina’s magic lies in its nature, a neverending source of wonder!

About Krajina region

Nestled in western Bosnia, Krajina borders Croatia and makes a great starting point for your trip when you arrive from Western Europe by car. The region is the beating green heart of the country, rivers like veins threading through rolling hills. Banja Luka, its bustling heart, makes a great stop to enjoy delicious coffee, stroll through the city or soak in the thermal springs. Una Nationalpark wins you over with turquoise Una and her waterfalls.

Six reasons to visit Krajina region in Bosnia-Herzegovina

  • Enjoy the hot springs:

    Yes, you heard right: Just outside Banja Luka, you can soak in the 35-degree hot toplice – thermal springs – with beautiful views of Vrbas river.

  • Soak up untouched nature:

    Una Nationalpark and Japodski Otoci with its beautiful turquoise river, countless cascading waterfalls and lush green forests is a feast for the soul. Kozara Nationalpark with its dark trees, hills, and anti-fascist monument is another nature experience but not any less beautiful.

  • Get active:

    Hiking, biking, rafting or kayaking – whatever floats your boat (literally and figuratively speaking), you will find it here. Outdoor enthusiasts surely won’t be bored!

  • Natural phenomena:

    Dotted with sinkholes, the countryside impresses already on just a normal drive through Krajina. Nature here has something new to offer around every corner.

  • History come to life:

    Whether you are visiting Krajina’s capital Banja Luka, the old watermills in Krupa or the Trapist monastery Marija Zvijezda – exploring the region feels like a walk along the timelines of history, through different empires and religions.

  • Friendly locals:

    Bosnians love meeting new people. Be prepared for chats with foreigners that quickly become friends and for a rakija or two to be shared as a welcome drink.


Visit waterfalls, hike along beautiful rivers and learn about Bosnia and Herzegovina’s different emperors and religions

FAQs – Frequently asked questions about Krajina and Banja Luka

Stroll through Kastel Fortress and Gospodska street, unwind in Banja Luka’s thermal springs, or kayak down the Vrbas River enjoying riverside cafés and vibrant city life. For a dose of nature, hike the scenic Krupa na Vrbas waterfall trail.

Banja Luka enjoys warm summers with average temperatures around 25°C, perfect for exploring outdoors. Spring and autumn are mild and pleasant, while winters are colder with occasional snowfall. Check the specific forecast before your trip to pack accordingly.

Absolutely! Banja Luka offers plenty of family-friendly activities. Kids will love exploring Mladen Stojanović Park with its miniature zoo and playgrounds, or taking a boat ride on the Vrbas River.

Major car rental agencies like Avis and Hertz have offices in Banja Luka downtown, and most offer convenient airport pick-up options. Additionally, you’ll find several local car rental shops around the city center, often with more flexible rental conditions and competitive rates. We are happy to put you in touch.

  • Visit Una Nationalpark and do whitewater rafting or a more relaxed kayaking tour
  • Stroll through Bihać’ city center and enjoy traditional Krajina food such as Kljukuša
  • Rest your soul at Japodski Otoci

Hiring a taxi is the most convenient option, with many available from Bihac city center if you don’t have a rental car. Several tour operators also offer organized trips to the waterfalls, often combining them with other activities like kayaking or hiking. We are happy to put you in touch with our partners for a tour.

Bihać’s climate is very similar to Banja Luka, with warm summers, mild spring and autumn, and colder winters with occasional snow. Expect slightly more rain in Bihać throughout the year, especially during spring and autumn.

Unfortunately, not really! There are one or two shorter hiking trails along Una river and through the forests. There are plenty of other activities though – rafting, kayaking, or biking amongst them. Kozara Nationalpark offers more hiking opportunities in Krajina region.

Camping is definitely possible in Una National Park! Designated camp grounds are available in various locations, offering basic amenities like picnic tables and fire pits. Remember to obtain a camping permit from the park authorities before pitching your tent.

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