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Where to go in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The five regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Here in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can find roughly five regions that are each unique and have their own specific characteristics, nature, food and customs: Sarajevo Region, Herzegovina region, Krajina region, Centra Bosnia and Eastern Bosnia.

Each of these five regions shines with its own individual characteristics – and each of them will surprise you in a completely new way at different times of the year. Happy exploring!

Sarajevo & Olympic Mountains

From winter wonderland on the Olympic mountains to bustling bazaars and world-famous festivals: Sarajevo’s magic unfolds year-round. Hike remote peaks, explore ancient mosques, and get lost in the city’s small alleys.

Herzegovina region & Mostar

Cross the iconic Stari Most bridge in Mostar, dip your toes into the turquoise waters of Kravice waterfalls, and conclude your day sipping sun-kissed wines amidst Herzegovina’s rolling vineyards – from historic villages to natural wonders and surprising flavours, the Herzegovina region has something for everyone!

Banja Luka & Krajina

Discover the blue heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina from water or land – outdoor sports are the thing to do in Krajina. This lush land is the place to chase waterfalls – and there are many! And if you feel like exploring at a calmer pace, Banja Luka and Bihać are waiting to be discovered.

Central Bosnia

The heartland of Bosnia and Herzegovina hides more than just one secret: From the catacombes of Jajce to the secret founding place of Yugoslavia, the medieval fortresses of Maglaj and Travnik or waterfalls that hide out of sight just a few meters from the street. This hilly, foresty land keeps the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina alive!

Eastern Bosnia

Hike the ancient forests of Sutjeska, raft down Tara river, visit the Memorical Center in Srebrenica or unearth the secrets of Ottoman architecture in Višegrad. In Central Bosnia, the least touristic region of the country, history meets the wild.