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About Sarajevo Region

The Sarajevo region includes the capital, its metropolitan area as well as some smaller villages and cities and the Olympic Mountains. Here, hiking trails and city life are a stone’s throw from each other. The melting pot is bursting with history, cultural heritage, great artisans, good food, interesting museums and of course nature on the surrounding mountains. Visit Sarajevo and discover the magic of the so-called “Jerusalem of Europe”.

Five good reasons for travelling to Sarajevo

  • A rich history and culture:

    Sarajevo is a city with a long and turbulent history. Here you will find evidence from different eras, from ancient times to the present day – this city is basically a living museum.

  • A meeting point of cultures:

    People from different cultures and religions live together peacefully in Sarajevo, a city where you will still find mosques, synagogues, catholic cathedrals and orthodox churches in close vicinity to one another. No place like Sarajevo can teach you about tolerance and co-existence.

  • A hospitable city:

    The people of Sarajevo are known for their hospitality. You will quickly feel welcome here.

  • Beautiful nature:

    Sarajevo is surrounded by breathtaking nature. Here you can go hiking, skiing or simply enjoy the peace and quiet.

  • Sarajevo is a city of contrasts:

    Here you will find modern architecture next to traditional houses, mosques next to churches and synagogues.

Experiences and tours in Sarajevo

Drink Bosnian coffee, savour Bosnian dishes, climb the mountains around the capital and look down from the most beautiful vantage points. Sarajevo has many exciting experiences and activities to offer – you’ll never be bored here!

Thing to know about Sarajevo

What makes Sarajevo special? What can you expect in the Bosnian capital? These blog posts will tell you what makes this place unique and special.

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FAQs – Frequently asked questions about Sarajevo

Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is located in the centre of the Dinaric Alps, at the foot of Mount Trebević. The valley in which Sarajevo lies is surrounded by the Bjelašnica, Igman and Jahorina mountains, which reach up to 2,000 metres. 

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Sarajevo is a city with a rich history and culture. Here you will find many sights, including:

  • The old town centre Baščaršija with its narrow streets and traditional houses
  • Mosques, cathedrals, Orthodox churches and synagogues – all within a radius of a few hundred metres
  • The Tunnel Museum, which commemorates the siege of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War
  • The National Museum, which houses a collection of artefacts from the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the Sarajevo Haggadah

and much more!

The best way to explore the sights of Sarajevo is with a city tour so that a local guide can give you a deeper insight into the culture and history. What else can you do? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Sample the local cuisine on a food tour
  • Take a hike up Trebevic, Sarajevo’s local mountain
  • Enjoy a coffee or tea in one of the city’s traditional coffee houses
  • Visit one of the many museums or galleries in Sarajevo
  • Explore the city from a different perspective: on a walking city tour that takes you to the best viewpoints in Sarajevo

The Sarajevo assassination took place on 28 June 1914, when the Austrian heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie von Hohenberg were murdered by Gavrilo Princip. The assassination was the trigger for the First World War.

The site of the assassination is in the centre of Sarajevo. There is a memorial to the victims of the assassination and a museum here. You can still visit the site today – it’s best done with a local guide who can explain you exactly what led to the events of June 28th, 1914. 

The weather in Sarajevo is temperate continental. Summers are warm and dry, winters are cold and snowy. Sarajevo is a great destination for a city trip all year round – in winter you can go skiing, in spring and summer you have perfect temperatures for strolling around the city and in summer the famous Sarajevo Film Festival takes place.

Yes, there are still some remnants of the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. These include, among others:

  • The Olympic Museum, where some original artefacts are still on display
  • The old bobsleigh run on Trebević mountain, now an outdoor canvas for graffiti artists
  • The destroyed ski jumps of the long jump on Mount Igman

You should plan at least 3 days for your first visit to Sarajevo. During this time you can see and experience the most important sights of the city. If you have more time, you can also go on excursions to the surroundings of Sarajevo, e.g. to the ski resorts, the mountain village of Lukomir, the town of Konjic and more. Ready to go? Let us help you plan your trip!

Sarajevo is a safe city. The crime rate is relatively low. However, as in any other city, you should take care of your valuables.

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