Our Travel Experiences

The best travel experiences tend to happen unexpectedly when you have a bit of time to just stop – and look around. That’s when you notice the older gentleman that feels like sharing his story, the idle barman that is happy to show you the bar’s homemade rakija or just the tree full of figs in the wild garden across the road.

The best travel experiences don’t happen when you just rush from one sight to the next, your schedule so packed that the only thing you see a lot of is your tour bus and the 30 or 40 people you share it with.

So we thought: Why not create a trip that adjusts to your interests and needs? Why not create something that leaves room for all the beautiful moments that happen while you’re on the road.

You can choose between a day trip, long weekend, 14-day-vacation, wine tasting, hiking, or history and culture – whatever floats your boat. And what is most important to us: There will always be enough time to sit down with new friends and acquaintances and share stories and experiences over a delicious local dinner on every trip.

By the way: When booking with us you don’t pay more than if you book yourself – but save yourself hours of research. We can guarantee local adventures, Bosnian-run accommodation and authentic experiences; after all, we know Bosnia-Herzegovina like the back of our hand!